What Sets Us Apart

Why Custom Dental?

We set ourselves apart from the rest with First Class Dental Experiences™ exceptional teams, and an excellent work environment.

How Do We Know That You Will Love Custom Dental?

Choosing Custom Dental is a way to reach your professional and personal goals is a no-brainer. Our success speaks for itself. We have profitable businesses, raving patient fans, and fulfilled team members. Joining us takes the stress out of your daily life and lets you go focus on doing what you do best.

The Custom Dental culture is at the core of our success. We combine affordable, quality dental care with streamlined operations. Custom Dental offers uniform service to each office, whether it is in Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas or surrounding states. Doctors have the opportunity to learn from leadership training conferences as well as coaching sessions. Founder Dr. Kelly Brown offers both individual and group instruction on topics such as leadership, communication, and management.

Investing In You

We invest in training, seminars, and workshops for our office teams. We also provide several cash based incentives for training as well as excellent work performance. We offer opportunities for team members  to learn from each other with corporate conferences and team-building exercises that include all locations. The exchange of ideas in an open forum is critical to our success as a company, and we value the input of each and every team member. We also strive to develop our team members and move them toward their personal goals with self-improvement training and continuing education as well as concrete financial goals, including performance bonuses and 401k accounts.